Desktop Stereo Speaker Assembly NB2DSK-SPK01

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This documentation is now considered legacy - Altium no longer manufactures, nor sells, any of the NanoBoard, Peripheral Board, Daughter Board, or other connected hardware, detailed here.

The Desktop Stereo Speaker Assembly NB2DSK-SPK01 is essentially a satellite speaker board, catering for enhanced audio output through provision of high-quality speakers. It is attached to the underside of Altium's Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 and subsequently enclosed within the NanoBoard's stand.

In addition, the NB2DSK-SPK01 provides a series of RGB LEDs, the associated drivers of which are programmed by the NB2DSK01 motherboard's Xilinx Spartan-3 NanoTalk Controller, over the SPI bus.

Figure 1. Altium's Desktop Stereo Speaker Assembly NB2DSK-SPK01.

Board Overview

Board Resources

The resources on the NB2DSK-SPK01 are made available to the NB2DSK01 motherboard once the board is docked in position. While these resources are not made available to the target FPGA on the currently-fitted daughter board, most are available to the user, either through direct or indirect interaction with the motherboard.

Note: With the exception of the 1-Wire memory device, the circuitry for all resources on the NB2DSK-SPK01 can be found on a single schematic sheet – NB2DSK-SPK.SchDoc (entitled Speaker Board). For a pdf document of the schematics for the speaker board, see NB2DSK-SPK01 Desktop Stereo Speaker Assembly Schematics.

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