NB2DSK-SPK01 Resources - Stereo Speakers

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Audio output capability on the NB2DSK-SPK01 is provided through the use of two 4Ω speakers. Each speaker has a 60mm body, 50mm cone and delivers 3W output power.

Figure 1. One of the speakers used on the NB2DSK-SPK01.

Input to these speakers are the differential amplified stereo outputs from the NB2DSK01's LM4849 stereo audio power amplifier:

  • R_MINUS, R_PLUS – right channel, connected to right-hand speaker
  • L_MINUS, L_PLUS – left channel, connected to left-hand speaker.

Should you wish to connect your own external speakers via the NB2DSK01's 'Line Out' jack, you will need to turn the volume control pot (on the NB2DSK01) all the way down, to effectively mute the sound from the NB2DSK-SPK01's stereo speakers.

Location on Board

The two speakers (designated SPKL1 and SPKR1) are located to the left and right of the speaker board connector. Each speaker is mounted from the solder-side of the board and fixed in place using two M3 X 6mm zinc screws.

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