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The NB2DSK-SPK01 provides six 5mm diameter RGB LEDs (540R2GBC-CA, from HB Electronics).

Figure 1. Two of the six RGB LEDs on the NB2DSK-SPK01.

Internally, each LED is comprised of three distinct chips – the LEDs of which provide the component colors Super Red, Ultra Pure Green and Royal Blue. The anode of each is commoned and brought out to a single pin, which is subsequently connected to the board's 5V power supply.

The maximum brightness (luminous intensity) of each RGB LED is 9400mcd (full color). The maximum brightness levels for each individual color are:

  • Super Red – 2100mcd
  • Ultra Pure Green – 5800mcd
  • Royal Blue – 1500mcd.

The RGB LEDs are controlled by two 10-port constant-current LED drivers (MAX6966 devices from Maxim). Each MAX6966 device is a slave SPI peripheral, under control of the NB2DSK01 motherboard's NanoTalk Controller. Interaction with the LEDs, in terms of color definition, and whether they are turned ON or OFF, is performed using the firmware-based GUI on the motherboard's TFT LCD panel.

Power for each device comes from the NB2DSK-SPK01's 3.3V power supply.

Location on Board

The RGB LEDs (designated LED1LED6) are located along the bottom, on the component side of the board. They lay flush to the board.

The two MAX6966 devices (designated U2 and U3) are located on the component side of the board, above RGB LEDs LED3 and LED4 respectively.

Figure 2. Constant-current LED drivers (U2 and U3).

Further Device Information

For more information on the RGB LED (540R2GBC-CA), refer to the associated datasheet (540R2GBC-CA.pdf) available at www.hebeiltd.com.cn.

For more information on the MAX6966 device, refer to the associated datasheet (MAX6966-MAX6967.pdf) available at www.maxim-ic.com.

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