WB_USB - Configurable Wishbone Universal Serial Bus Interface Controller

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Figure 1. WB_USB - Configurable Wishbone Universal Serial Bus Interface Controller.

The WB_USB peripheral provides the interface between a processor in the FPGA design and an external USB Interface device, for subsequent communications over a Universal Serial Bus (USB). The peripheral has been built specifically to interface to the EZ-USB SX2™ device (CY7C68001, from Cypress Semiconductor). This high-speed (USB 2.0) USB Interface device has a built-in USB transceiver and a Serial Interface Engine (SIE), which automatically manages the USB protocol.

If you are using Altium's Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01, the USB-IrDA-Ethernet Peripheral Board PB03 features a CY7C68001 device.

Although the CY7C68001 device on the PB03 is capable of providing a 16-bit bidirectional data bus, only the low-order byte (USB_D[7..0]) is used for communications with the processor. The WB_USB device therefore needs to be configured accordingly to interface to this 8-bit bus.

Features at-a-glance

  • Configure for use with 8- or 16-bit USB Data bus
  • Configurable from the OpenBus System document (or schematic sheet)
  • Dedicated software-accessible registers provided for communication timings
  • Interrupt-driven
  • Wishbone-compliant


From an OpenBus System document, the USB component can be found in the Peripherals region of the OpenBus Palette panel.

From a schematic document, the WB_USB component can be found in the FPGA Peripherals (Wishbone) integrated library (FPGA Peripherals (Wishbone).IntLib), located in the \Library\Fpga folder of the installation.

Designing with the WB_USB

Use the following links to explore use of the WB_USB in more detail:

See Also

For more information on the CY7C68001 device, refer to the datasheet (CY7C68001.pdf) available at www.cypress.com.

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