WB_USB - Configuration

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The WB_USB Controller can be configured after placement on the OpenBus System document, or schematic sheet, using the associated configure dialog (Figure 1). Access to this dialog depends on the document in which you are working:

  • In the OpenBus System document – access the dialog by right-clicking over the component and choosing the Configure command from the menu that appears. Alternatively, double-click on the component to access the dialog directly.
  • In the Schematic document – simply right-click over the device and choose the Configure command from the context menu that appears. Alternatively, click on the Configure button, available in the Component Properties dialog for the device.

Figure 1. Configuration dialog (accessed from OpenBus System).

Use the dialog to define the width of the Controller's USB_D bus – either 8- or 16-bit.

If using the peripheral to interface to the CY7C68001 device on the peripheral board PB03, ensure that the data bus size is set to 8 bits.

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