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This documentation is now considered legacy - Altium no longer manufactures, nor sells, any of the NanoBoard, Peripheral Board, Daughter Board, or other connected hardware, detailed here.

Altium's NanoBoards are unique, reconfigurable hardware platforms that harnesses the power of today's high-capacity, low-cost programmable devices to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of your digital designs.

With a NanoBoard connected to a PC running Altium Designer – the world's first truly unified electronic design system – you can develop, implement, test and bring to market more intelligent digital products faster than previously possible.

Use a NanoBoard as a system prototyping and development platform, as an educational hands-on teaching tool, or as a standalone product running a custom system design. Its power, flexibility and tight integration with Altium Designer opens up the exciting possibilities of soft system design to you today.

Legacy Boards

NB3000 Firmware Updates

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