Connected Hardware

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This documentation is now considered legacy - Altium no longer manufactures, nor sells, any of the NanoBoard, Peripheral Board, Daughter Board, or other connected hardware, detailed here.

In addition to providing world class design solutions in the form of Altium Designer and Altium Vault Technology, Altium also has a hand in designing and manufacturing its own range of development boards - for connection to your design system, and with the purpose of enhancing your experience with soft design.

At the very heart of this 'connected hardware' are Altium's NanoBoards - unique, reconfigurable hardware platforms that harnesses the power of today's high-capacity, low-cost programmable devices to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of your digital designs.

And depending on the particular NanoBoard, the system can be extended further through the use of plug-in satellite boards:

  • Daughter Boards (available for use with the NanoBoard NB2) provide the FPGA to power the system.
  • Peripheral Boards (available for use with the NanoBoard NB2 and NanoBoard 3000 Series boards) extend the peripheral resources available to the FPGA.

The combination of Altium Designer together with a connected NanoBoard provides a truly complete environment for FPGA development, prototyping and concept exploration.


Daughter Boards

Peripheral Boards

Other Hardware



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