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This documentation is now considered legacy - Altium no longer manufactures, nor sells, any of the NanoBoard, Peripheral Board, Daughter Board, or other connected hardware, detailed here.

The NanoBoard-NB1 is Altium's legacy development platform for the rapid testing of FPGA designs. It consists of a motherboard with a variety of commonly used peripherals, and a range of plug-in FPGA or CPLD daughter boards.

Altium's latest NanoBoard – the Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 – takes the nano-level breadboarding concept introduced with the NanoBoard-NB1 to a whole new level, enhancing your ability to design, implement and debug an entire design before moving to the production PCB.
A greater variety of peripheral resources are available on the NB2DSK01 motherboard, as well as resources delivered on removable peripheral boards – the latter providing a simple and cost-effective method for rapid prototyping of hardware concepts.
When combined with Altium Designer, a LiveDesign-enabled Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 transforms your PC desktop into an interactive, reprogrammable hardware development system - an Innovation Station!

Working with the NanoBoard-NB1

Bootstrapping the Daughter Board FPGA on the NanoBoard-NB1
Utilizing the SPI Flash Memory on the NanoBoard-NB1
Updating the Firmware on the NanoBoard-NB1

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