Programming a Xilinx Configuration Device on the Production Board

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During design development, the NanoBoardprovides the ability to bootstrap the FPGA devicelocated on the currently inserted Daughter Board, at power-up. Program download to the FPGA is carried out using dedicated Serial Flash RAM.

When the design is moved to the Production board, using the bootstrapping functionality of the NanoBoard is no longer possible. To boot the target FPGA device on the Production board with the required design, that design must be programmed into a dedicated configuration device that resides on the board.

In order to program the configuration device, the Production board must be included in the JTAG chain, so that all hard devices that it contains can be detected and displayed on the Hard Devices chain of the Devices view (in the software). Ensure, therefore, that the Production board is connected to a NanoBoard – using one of the User Board headers – and that both boards are subsequently powered-up.

Generating the Configuration File
Erasing the Configuration Device
Downloading the Configuration File

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