Xilinx Configuration Device - Downloading the Configuration File

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The configuration for a Xilinx configuration (PROM) device is stored in a PROM file, using the Intel MCS-86 format. This is an ASCII hex file with extension .mcs.

To download the new configuration, right-click on the icon for the PROM in the Hard Devices chain of the Devices view and select Choose File and Download from the pop-up menu.

The Choose Programming File For dialog appears. Use this dialog to navigate to the required programming file ( .mcs) and click *Open.

A confirmation dialog will appear, asking whether you wish to verify the programming (of the PROM). At this stage, the configuration has not been downloaded. Click Yes to proceed with the download and verification cycle.

The download and verification will take approximately 30-40 seconds to complete. The progress is shown in Altium Designer's Status bar. At the end of the cycle, an information dialog will appear with the result of the download.

If any errors occur during the download and verification cycle, a warning dialog will appear. If this happens, power-down the Production board for a few seconds and then run the whole process again – including the erasure of the PROM device's memory.

Generating the Configuration File

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