Automatically Linking FPGA and PCB Projects

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Perhaps the easiest and more streamlined method of linking an FPGA project to a PCB project, is to create the PCB project directly from within the FPGA design, with the aid of the FPGA To PCB Project Wizard. This method automatically links the two projects and maximizes synchronization functionality between them.

From a schematic document in the FPGA project, access the Wizard by choosing the FPGA To PCB Project Wizard entry on the Tools menu.

Figure 1. FPGA To PCB Project Wizard - streamlining the linkage of FPGA and PCB projects.

Summary of Items Generated using the Wizard

After all of the options in the Wizard have been set as required, the following will be generated:

  1. A new PCB project (if specified)
  2. A new schematic sheet, added to the new or existing PCB project, which contains the schematic representation of the FPGA component
  3. A new schematic sheet with parent sheet symbol (if specified). If an existing sheet is targeted, the parent sheet symbol for the FPGA Component schematic will be added/updated as necessary
  4. A new configuration (if specified), which will be added to the FPGA project file and which contains a single, new constraint file. The constraint file will contain:
    • a part constraint, for example:
      Record=Constraint | TargetKind=Part | TargetId=XC3S1500-4FG676C
    • a PCB board constraint, for example:
      Record=Constraint | TargetKind=PCB | TargetId=CHC_Accumulator_PCB.PrjPcb
    • a list of constraints for all ports on the top-level schematic of the FPGA project. Each of these port constraints is matched (and therefore linked) by net name to the equivalent pin of the FPGA component on the PCB project's auto-generated schematic sheet.

Note: If an existing configuration was chosen, only those elements listed in point 4 above which are not currently found in any constraint files associated to that configuration, will be added.

Use the following links for information about each of the configuration options available in the Wizard:

Choosing the FPGA Configuration
Choosing the Target PCB Project
Configuring the FPGA Component Schematic Sheet
Configuring the Sheet Symbol Schematic Sheet
Verifying that the Projects are Linked

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