NanoBoard 3000 - Installing Altium Designer

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Pre-Installation Checklist

Before you begin to install Altium Designer and use your NanoBoard 3000, you will need to do the following:

  • Check for updates to Altium Designer to ensure you have received the latest versioned software
  • Assemble your NanoBoard 3000 and ensure power is on to start using Altium Designer.

Installing Altium Designer

When you insert the Altium Designer DVD into your computer, the Installation Wizard will start automatically. If it does not start automatically, run Setup.exe located in the Setup directory. Follow the instructions to install Altium Designer. Once installed, you will need to create your Soft Design license - ensure your NanoBoard is connected to your PC and powered on. Altium Designer will detect the presence of your new NanoBoard and the Create Soft Design License dialog will appear. Once your license is created, sign in to access your license and starting using Altium Designer.

If you have a full license option of Altium Designer - Custom Board Front-End Design or Custom Board Implementation - you are not required to create and use the Soft Design license.


Your 3000-series NanoBoard comes with a 12-month Soft Design license of Altium Designer which is linked to the NanoBoard in the box. You will be required to have the NanoBoard connected and powered up in order to access your license for the first time. After you have accessed your license, there is no requirement for the NanoBoard to be connected in order to use the license. For more information, see Licensing and the NanoBoard.

JTAG Over USB Driver Installation

After installing Altium Designer on a new computer and running the software for the first time, a dialog will appear asking whether or not you wish to install the latest USB JTAG driver.

USB JTAG driver installation.

This driver is required for JTAG communications between the PC and a connected NanoBoard, using a USB 2.0 connection. You should therefore click Yes. It is recommended that you leave the option to check for future driver updates enabled.

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