NanoBoard 3000 - Common-Bus Flash Memory

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The NanoBoard 3000 includes Flash memory as part of the common-bus block of memory resources available to the on-board User FPGA device, or more specifically a programmed design therein.

Common-bus Flash memory available to an
FPGA design.

The Flash memory is provided in the form of an S29GL128P11FFI010 device (from Spansion). This Page Mode 128Mbit device is manufactured using 90nm MirrorBit™ technology and is organized as 8M x 16 bits (16MByte). It is powered by the motherboard's 3.3V supply and offers a 110ns access time.

Location on Board

The common-bus Flash memory device (designated U7) is located on the component side of the board, to the right of the common-bus SRAM and immediately below the 'PLATFORM UPGRADE ENABLE' jumper (J24).

Schematic Reference

The common-bus Flash memory device can be found on Sheet 28 (FLASH_S29GL128P11FFI010_128Mbit.SchDoc, entitled 128M-bit Flash Memory (BGA)) of the motherboard schematics.

The common-bus memory block and interface wiring can be found on Sheet 25 (CommonMemory.SchDoc, entitled Common-Bus Memory Block).

Design Interface Component

A variety of design interface components are available from the FPGA NB3000 Port-Plugin.IntLib for access to, and communications with, any or all of the common-bus resources. The design interface component used will depend on which particular resource(s) you wish to access, and how you have configured the Shared Memory Controller – the intermediate design peripheral that sits between a processor in the design and the common-bus resource on the board. For more information, see Accessing Common-Bus Resources on the NanoBoard 3000.

Further Device Information

For more information on the S29GL128P11FFI010 device, refer to the datasheet (s29gl-p_00_a11_e.pdf) available at

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