Frequency Generator Module

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Figure 1. Frequency Generator Module.

The Frequency Generator module (CLKGEN) takes a reference clock as its input (time-base) and produces output frequencies that are even divisors of this frequency. By wiring the generator up to have a higher frequency time-base, a greater range of output frequencies can be generated, and with greater accuracy.

Predefined frequencies can be chosen at the click of a button. You can also choose from a range of common Baud Rates. For even greater control, you have the option to specify your own required frequency – the actual frequency generated in each case will be displayed directly on the panel. If the required frequency is not an even divisor of the time base frequency, the nearest frequency that is will be used, and the percentage difference also shown.

The option to use a 50/50 duty cycle for the generated output is also provided.

Figure 2 illustrates an example of the run-time panel for this instrument, accessed by double-clicking on the icon for the instrument, in the Soft Devices chain of the Devices view.

Figure 2. Instrument panel for the Frequency Generator Module.

Features at-a-glance

  • Ability to request common predefined frequencies at the touch of a button
    • Common frequencies in Hz, kHz and MHz ranges
  • User-definable frequency requests
  • Ability to select from a range of common Baud Rate frequencies
  • Option to set 50/50 Duty cycle
  • Generated frequency output can be inverted (180 Degree phase shift).


The CLKGEN device can be found in the FPGA Instruments integrated library (FPGA Instruments.IntLib), located in the \Library\Fpga folder of the installation.

Designing with the CLKGEN

Use the following links to explore use of the Frequency Generator module in more detail:

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