Configuration Data Items

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Configuration data items are the constituent elements of environment configurations. They are the design elements that the user – whose assigned role(s) determine the configuration(s) available – is permitted to use. In other words, a configuration defines and enforces the set of configuration data items available to the user.

Supported Data Item Types

Currently, the following types of item can be used with environment configurations:

Sourcing Data Items

Configuration data items are sourced from an Altium Vault. Each data item must be defined in Altium Designer, then released into the target vault. From there, the items will be available for addition to an environment configuration. By using vault-based data, the organization can be confident that the items being used in its environment configurations are handled with the highest integrity, and have been ratified for use by senior management. There's no manual intervention – a designer can only use those data elements made available to them, and all determined centrally by a designated administrator.

Each environment configuration can use as many configuration data items as required, and the same data item can be used across multiple environment configurations.

Conceptual mapping of supported configuration data items in an Altium Vault, to environment configurations defined within the Team Configuration Center.


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