Acquisition of Vault Folders

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Through use of the Content Cart - the user interface to the Altium Vault's Data Acquisition Service - you can quickly acquire content from a source vault, and deliver it to a nominated target vault. With the arrival of Altium Vault 2.6, in conjunction with Altium Designer 16.0, this feature has been further enhanced. Now you are able to load an entire folder onto the cart, while preserving its folder structure. This enables you to quickly acquire all content in a desired folder, or content that could be resident across multiple sub-folders, simply by acquiring the parent folder.

To acquire a folder (and its descendant structure), simply select it in the Vault Folders region of the source vault (within the Vaults panel), then right-click and choose the Add to Content Cart command from the context menu. This command is available from the following source folder types:

  • altium-component-management-zone
  • altium-component-library
  • generic-folder

Acquiring an entire folder of content from a source Altium Vault.

Add more content as required to your cart, then prepare and deliver the cart to your nominated target vault. Browse the fruits of your acquisition through the Vaults panel.

Browsing the acquired folder structure in the target Altium Vault, courtesy of the Vaults panel.


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