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This documentation is now considered legacy and only remains useful to those who already have the extension as part of their installation. If required, contact SOLIDWORKS for information about the SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector. To learn about Altium's latest CoDesign technology, use the link in the feature box below.

Altium continues to develop MCAD-to-ECAD CoDesign capabilities. Now available as an add-in for SOLIDWORKS version 2018 and higher, the new CoDesigner supports: bi-directional transfer of complex board shapes with cutouts; bi-directional transfer of placed components as 3D models; MCAD to ECAD transfer of native components; and support for rigid-flex PCBs.

Learn more about Altium's latest ECAD-MCAD CoDesign technology

This page presents a listing of frequently asked questions relevant to collaboration between Altium Designer and SOLIDWORKS®. Click on a question header to expand its section and reveal its answer. For further, more detailed information on aspects of the collaboration feature, use the links available in the panel to the right.


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