Troubleshooting NanoBoard Connection Problems

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If, after completing the Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 setup and installation procedures, the Devices view shows that the system cannot connect to the NB2DSK01 or cannot detect the presence of an FPGA on the plug-in daughter board, go through the following steps to try to correct the problem:

  1. Ensure that the NB2DSK01 is switched on.
  2. Ensure that the connecting cable (USB or parallel) between the NB2DSK01 and the PC is correctly plugged in at both ends.
  3. Check that you have correctly installed an FPGA daughter board onto the NB2DSK01.
  4. With the Devices view active, ensure that the Live option is enabled, and select Tools » Refresh All from the menu (shortcut F5).
  5. From the Devices view, select Tools » Scan NanoBoard Chain from the main menus. This forces a manual scan of the NanoBoard JTAG chain. A dialog will appear, listing all NanoBoards detected.

    Figure 1. Manually interrogating the NanoBoard JTAG chain.
  6. If the NanoBoard(s) are detected correctly, from the Devices view select Tools » Scan Hard Chain from the main menus. This forces a manual scan of the Hard Devices JTAG chain. A dialog will appear, listing all the physical devices detected (FPGAs and/or physical processors).

    Figure 2. Manually interrogating the Hard Devices JTAG chain.

If, after completing all the above steps, the system still cannot establish a connection with the NB2DSK01 and/or daughter board device, then please contact your nearest Altium Sales & Support representative.

Note: When connecting the Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 to a PC via a parallel port, the system requires the presence of a working, standard parallel port on the computer. The parallel port implementations on some computers do not strictly adhere to the standard, which may cause communications with the NB2DSK01 to fail. If possible, reinstall the system on a different computer to determine if this may be the problem, or switch to using USB for the connection.

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