TFT LCD Panel - Sharing the GUI

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The TFT LCD panel on the NB2DSK01 is used by the firmware, to present the interactive GUI, but it can also be used by a design running on the daughter board FPGA. When you program the FPGA with a design that utilizes the panel, it will automatically assume control (provided the DAU_TFT_MUX line is tied High in the design).

To pass ownership of the panel back to the firmware running on the NanoTalk Controller, you simply need to press the NB2DSK01's 'Home' button (designated SW9 and located to the top-right of the panel). This button actually serves multiple purposes:

  • By pressing and releasing quickly, the firmware is given the driving seat for the panel – presenting the Home screen of the GUI.
  • If pressed and held for more than 5 seconds, the NanoTalk Controller is reset.
  • If pressed and held for more than 5 seconds while also holding generic user switches SW1, SW3 and SW5, a screen is accessed from which to reset GUI options to default settings. (Note: The generic switches must be kept pressed until the reset screen actually appears).

If you need to give control of the panel back to the daughter board FPGA again, simply touch the icon on the Home screen of the GUI. Whatever was displayed on the panel prior to handing control to the firmware will reappear on the panel.

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