TFT LCD Panel - Real Time Clock (RTC)

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The GUI contains a screen for viewing/modifying the current date and time. This information is sourced from the NB2DSK01 motherboard's DS1391U-33 device – an SPI-compatible real-time clock (RTC).

To access clock controls (Figure 1), from the Home screen of the GUI touch the icon, followed by the icon.

Figure 1. Display and modification of time and date.

Time is always displayed using the 24-hour format (e.g. 14:22). The date is always displayed in the format yyyy - mm - dd (e.g. 2007 - 12 - 04).

Simply touch the relevant field to expose controls for incrementing/decrementing the value of that field. Commit any changes by touching the icon.

Once the DS1391U-33 device is setup with the correct time and date, it will always reflect the correct time and date, even after a reset to default values, providing power to the device is not lost (i.e. NB2DSK01 motherboard powered off and the 3V Lithium battery is depleted).

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