TFT LCD Panel - GUI Options

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To access options for the GUI, from the Home screen of the GUI touch on the icon, followed by the icon on the sub-screen that appears. The following options are available:

  • Enable Screen Saver – use this option to enable the automatic screen saver. Screen saving will be applied after the TFT panel's touch screen has not been touched for a period of 10 minutes. The automatic screen saver functionality simply displays Bitmap or JPEG images in a loop, with each image displayed for 10 seconds. Images are sourced from two places – within the ScreenSaver folder stored in the NB2DSK01's common-bus Flash memory, and within a ScreenSaver folder resident on an SD card currently inserted into the motherboard's SD card reader.
    All images found within the Flash location will be used first, followed by those found on the SD card.

    To return back to the GUI while the screen saver is running, simply touch the panel.

The screen saver can also be activated manually, and immediately, by clicking on the available icon on the Home screen of the GUI. Manual activation does not depend on the Enable Screen Saver setting. If no images can be found – in either Flash memory or an SD card – a simple screen saver will be used, with the Altium logo cycling through different locations on the screen.

  • Enable Sounds – enable this option to have action-based sounds played during the course of using the GUI, for example when you touch on the accept/confirm icon . Use the NB2DSK01's volume control to adjust the sound level as required.
  • Enable RGB LEDs – use this option to control the ON/OFF state of the RGB LEDs on the attached Desktop Stereo Speaker Assembly NB2DSK-SPK01.
  • Fade Screens – Use this option to enable a 'fade' effect when transitioning between screens of the GUI.
  • Show intro at startup – With this option enabled, introductory screenswill be presented on the panel whenever the NB2DSK01 is powered on, or after a reset of the NanoTalk Controller. These screens are in fact JPEG images, stored within the Welcome folder in the NB2DSK01's common-bus Flash memory.

    This option is also presented while the introductory screens are being viewed, so that you can opt to disable these screens directly. There is also an option to skip the intro screens.
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