TFT LCD Panel - Bypassing JTAG Devices

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With the NanoBoard-NB1, if a user board connected to the NanoBoard did not make use of, or support, the Soft JTAG chain, the TDI_SOFT and TDO_SOFT pins had to be connected at the header, in order for the chain not to be broken. With the Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01, there is no manual looping of such signals. You can selectively control which boards are included or excluded from the Soft JTAG chain, literally with a tap of the GUI screen.

To access JTAG chain-related controls (Figure 1), from the Home screen of the GUI touch the icon, followed by the icon.

Figure 1. Controls related to inclusion of boards
into the Soft JTAG chain.

You can choose to include/exclude any of the following boards – or more specifically, their associated header/connector:

  • User Header A
  • User Header B
  • Peripheral Board A
  • Peripheral Board B
  • Peripheral Board C

By default, all boards will be included in the chain.

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