NanoBoard 3000 Modular Enclosure - What's in the Box

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Figure 1. NanoBoard 3000 Modular Enclosure package contents.

A - 1 x pre-assembled NanoBoard 3000 Modular Enclosure (includes: blank front panel, 2 x connector panels, 2 x standard end panels)
B - 1 x LCD screen front panel (replaces blank panel when LCD is implemented)
C - 1 x LCD screen and mounting assembly
D - 1 x set of tact switches with LEDs
E - 2 x decal cover panels for tact switches (1 x with holes, 1 x blank)
F - 2 x ribbon cables
G - 1 x quick-release key (for easy removal of top cover)
H - 2 x mounting brackets (to suit horizontal desktop and wall mount applications)
J - 4 x non-slip feet (circular - to fit mounting brackets for horizontal desktop)
K - 4 x plugs (for insertion into cavities on back panel when fitting legs for vertical desk mount applications)
L - 2 x legs (to suit vertical desktop configuration)
M - 4 x non-slip feet (square - to fit legs)
N - 2 x speaker housings with foam inserts
P - 1 x bridging connector
R - 1 x blanking panel (to suit bridging connector)
S - 1 x wall mount template

NOTE: Wall mounting screws are not included.

If any components of the system are missing or appear damaged, please contact your nearest Altium representative.

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