NanoBoard 3000 Modular Enclosure - Assembly Instructions

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The NanoBoard 3000 Modular Enclosure is shipped pre-assembled and ready-to-use. Also included in the box are various components offering optional enclosure configurations depending on the specific application required.

A quick-release key (G) is provided for releasing the four quick-release fasteners on the top of the enclosure. A simple quarter turn (90°) either clockwise or anti-clockwise will release the fasteners. To secure (tighten), simply push and turn the quick-release fastener in with your finger.

Desktop - horizontal configuration


Click mounting brackets (H - x2) into underside/back of enclosure. Press non-slip feet (J - x4) into place.

Desktop - vertical configuration


Insert plugs (K - x4) on underside/back. Insert non-slip feet (M - x4) into legs (L).

Squeeze the base of the legs (L) together and secure in place over plug (K) and quick-release fastener.

Wall mounted configuration


Use template (S) provided for accurate positioning or pilot holes. Screw the brackets (H - x2) to wall (screws not provided) but do not fully tighten.

Click Modular Enclosure (A) onto brackets (H). To tighten screws, remove top cover and tighten through boss holes. This ensures optimal alignment of Modular Enclosure to wall mounting brackets.

Interchanging front panels


Remove blank panel by firmly pressing edges inwards. Insert panel with window for LCD screen (B) by pressing into place from inside.

Connecting multiple enclosures


To link two or more Modular Enclosures (A) together, remove the top covers. Remove end panels where the Modular Enclosures join. Insert the bridging connector (P) by sliding into place.

Inserting blanking panel


Fit the blanking panel (R) into the bridging connector (P) by flexing it lengthways. Insert lugs on each end into the slots on the bridging connector.

Inserting NanoBoard 3000 into Modular Enclosure


Click LCD screen assembly into place (if required). Fit connector panels (x2) to board. Engage board assembly by sliding into slots and clips on enclosure. Attach top/front cover.

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