NanoBoard 3000 - System JTAG Programming Port

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The NanoBoard 3000 provides a dedicated programming port, which is used to load the 'Gold' boot image of the NanoBoard firmware into an associated serial SPI Flash memory device.

Programming Port.

The 10-pin male header caters for both Hard JTAG (pins 1-4) and Soft JTAG (pins 5-8) signals. Pins 9 and 10 of the header are tied to ground.

The 'Gold' boot image of the firmware is installed into the relevant Flash memory device before shipping and will, in general, not need to be reprogrammed. Should this become necessary however, connection to the port is made from a USB port of the PC on which Altium Designer is installed. Altium's USB JTAG Adapter is used to convert the USB cabling to 10-way IDC JTAG cabling.

For more information on configuration memory used by the host, see Host Controller Configuration Flash Memory.

Location on Board

The header, labeled 'SYSTEM JTAG' (and designated J25) is located on the component side of the board, to the right of the relays and above the 'PLATFORM UPGRADE ENABLE' jumper.

Schematic Reference

The circuitry relating to the programming port can be found on Sheet 17 (HOST_JTAG.SchDoc, entitled Local MCU Debug Connector) of the motherboard schematics.

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