NanoBoard 3000 - Peripheral Board Connector

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The NanoBoard 3000 has a single 100-way Female docking connector, for attachment of one single/double size peripheral board. This connector is technically called a 'NANOCONNECT' interface, but more commonly referred to as a peripheral board connector.

Peripheral board connector ('NANOCONNECT' interface).

50 I/O pins from the peripheral board connector are wired directly to pins of the User FPGA device, making the resources on an attached peripheral board available for use in an FPGA design therein.

Location on Board

The peripheral board connector – labeled 'PERIPHERAL BOARD' and designated EXTHDR1) – is located towards the left side on the component side of the board, below the User Prototyping Area.

Schematic Reference

The generic peripheral board connector can be found on Sheet 78 (PBCON.SchDoc, entitled Peripheral Board Connector) of the motherboard schematics.

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