NanoBoard 3000 - PS2 Keyboard and Mouse Ports

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The NanoBoard 3000 provides two standard PS/2 interfaces, for connection of an IBM PS/2-compatible keyboard and mouse. Each port is implemented using a 6-way mini-DIN (Female) connector and is directly connected to two User FPGA I/O pins, providing CLOCK and bidirectional DATA lines respectively.

PS/2 interface ports for Mouse (left) and Keyboard.

Location on Board

The 6-way mini-DIN connectors used to provide the PS/2 Keyboard port (designated J31) and the PS/2 Mouse port (designated J32) are located at the bottom edge on the solder side of the board. Looking from the front, they can be found between the SPDIF interface and the audio jacks.

PS/2 Ports (as seen from the front of the board).

Schematic Reference

The PS/2 interface circuitry can be found on the following sheets of the motherboard schematics:

  • Sheet 61 (PC_PS2.SchDoc, entitled PC PS2)
  • Sheet 62 (CON_PS2PORT_MINIDIN6F_BLACK.SchDoc, entitled PS2 MINIDIN6F Connector (Black)).

Design Interface Component

Table 1 summarizes the available design interface components that can be placed from the FPGA NB3000 Port-Plugin.IntLib, to access and use the on-board PS/2 Mouse and PS/2 Keyboard ports, respectively.

Table 1. PS/2 port-plugin components.
Component Symbol
Component Name


Place this component to interface to the PS/2 Mouse port.


Place this component to interface to the PS/2 Keyboard port.

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