NanoBoard 3000 - Buzzer Signal

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As part of its audio capabilities, the NanoBoard 3000 provides a hardwired path for a mono-based audio signal from the User FPGA. This signal – a legacy NB1-style Buzzer signal – can be incorporated as input to the board's analog audio mixer.

The Buzzer signal is input to only the right channel of the motherboard's audio power amplifier. By using only the right channel, the digital noise generated by the FPGA in a sigma-delta configuration is reduced, as there is one less speaker emitting noise. When using the NanoBoard's audio system with just this signal, output is relayed to only the right-channel speaker.

Schematic Reference

The Buzzer signal input to the analog mixer can be found on Sheet 74 (AUDIO_AMP_NB2C.SchDoc, entitled Audio Sub-System) of the motherboard schematics.

Design Interface Component

Table 1 summarizes the available design interface component that can be placed from the FPGA NB3000 Port-Plugin.IntLib, to provide a mono audio signal from the FPGA design, using the NanoBoard's hardwired Buzzer signal.

Table 1. Buzzer signal port-plugin component.
Component Symbol
Component Name


Place this component to send a mono-based audio signal from your FPGA design, to the NanoBoard's audio system.

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