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The following zip file contains the videos and PDFs that used to be hosted in the Training Room of the old NB3000 mini-site (long since removed):


The videos themselves are delivered in FLV format, so you will need to acquire a media player that can play this format.

The following is a listing of the chapters, as they were originally presented on the old web site, with an indication of the corresponding video file in the zip, and associated PDF (where applicable).

The Power of the User Experience

  1. The User Experience (Video: POWER_USER_CH_001.flv)
  2. Simple LED Driver (Video: POWER_USER_CH_002.flv, PDF: POWER_USER_CH_002_DS0001_Exploring_a_Simple_LED_Driver.pdf)
  3. Scripting Interactions (Video: POWER_USER_CH_003.flv)
  4. Different ways to control a design (Video: POWER_USER_CH_004.flv, PDF: POWER_USER_CH_004_DS0002_Exploring_Ways_to_Control_a_Design.pdf)
  5. USB Controlled products without the pain (Video: POWER_USER_CH_005.flv)
  6. Color wheel controller (Video: POWER_USER_CH_006.flv, PDF: POWER_USER_CH_006_DS0003_HSV_LEDs_Exploring_the_Scripting_System.pdf)
  7. Increasing autonomy through scripting (Video: POWER_USER_CH_007.flv)
  8. Knight Rider effect (Video: POWER_USER_CH_008.flv, PDF: POWER_USER_CH_008_DS0004_Scrolling_the_LEDS.pdf)
  9. Section Wrap Up (Video: POWER_USER_CH_009.flv)

The Design Platform

  1. The Design Platform (Video: DESIGN_PLATFORM_CH_001.flv)
  2. Removing the umbilical cord (Video: DESIGN_PLATFORM_CH_002.flv)
  3. Knight Rider effect using a microprocessor (Video: DESIGN_PLATFORM_CH_003.flv, PDF: DESIGN_PLATFORM_CH_003_DS0005_ScrollingtheLEDSwithamicroprocessor.pdf)

The Designer's Toolbox

  1. The Designer's Toolbox (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_001.flv)
  2. More Instruments (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_002.flv, PDF: TOOLBOX_CH_002_DS0006_uP_KnightRider_withControl.pdf)
  3. The Need for Speed (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_003.flv)
  4. Capturing higher speed data (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_004.flv, PDF: TOOLBOX_CH_004_DS0007_Using_the_LAX_to_capture_IR_data.pdf)
  5. Bringing it together (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_005.flv)
  6. Use IR-RC to control Knight Rider Scroll rate (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_006.flv, PDF: TOOLBOX_CH_006_DS0008_uP_KnightRider_with_IR_Remote.pdf)
  7. Section Wrap Up (Video: TOOLBOX_CH_007.flv)

Adding More Advanced Peripherals

  1. Continuing to embrace discovery (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_001.flv)
  2. Capture sound and display levels with LEDs - single color (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_002.flv, PDF: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_002_DS0009_Sound_to_Light.pdf)
  3. And now with some more color (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_003.flv)
  4. Add color to the LED sound level meters (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_004.flv, PDF: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_004_DS0010_Sound_to_Light_II.pdf)
  5. But wait, there's more! (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_005.flv)
  6. Use a single LED with 24-bit color to indicate sound level (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_006.flv, PDF: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_006_DS0011_Sound_to_Light_III.pdf)
  7. Section Wrap Up (Video: ADVANCED_PERIPHERALS_CH_007.flv)

The Touchscreen

  1. You can't afford not to have a good user interface (Video: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_001.flv)
  2. Touchscreen IO (Video: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_002.flv, PDF: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_002_DS0012_Using_the_Touch_Screen.pdf)
  3. And now with some color (Video: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_003.flv)
  4. Touchscreen color control of LEDs (Video: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_004.flv, PDF: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_004_DS0013_Touch_Screen_Control_of_the_LEDs.pdf)
  5. Section Wrap Up (Video: TOUCHSCREEN_CH_005.flv)
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