NB2DSK01 - What's in the Box

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Figure 1. NanoBoard NB2 package contents.

  • NanoBoard NB2 including stand, TFT LCD panel, Stereo Speaker Assembly, 3V lithium battery and 3 x peripheral boards
  • Daughter board (packaged separately, not shown)
  • Altium Designer software - 12-month Soft Design license
  • Power supply module
  • Mains power cords x 4
  • Power supply daisy-chain connector used with multiple NanoBoards
  • USB type A to USB type B cable
  • JTAG ribbon cable (short 10-way IDC - 10-way IDC)
  • JTAG ribbon calbe (long 10-way IDC - 10-way IDC)
  • 2 x NanoBoard daisy-chain cable for connecting multiple NanoBoards
  • 2 x User I/O connector cable
  • Parallel cable (26-way IDC - DB25)
  • JTAG flying-lead cable (10-way IDC - 10 flying leads)
  • Audio loop-back cable
  • IR remote control, including batteries
  • Stylus for use with the TFT LCD panel
  • 2 x SD cards (1 x FPGA Image Files, 1 x Sample Data)

If any components of the system are missing or appear damaged, please contact your nearest Altium representative.

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