NB2DSK01 - Compatability with the NanoBoard-NB1

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Altium's Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 has been designed with compatibility – with the NanoBoard-NB1 – in mind. All of the daughter boards available from Altium can be readily used with either the NB2DSK01 or the NB1.

Note: With no HDR_L connector, 2-connector daughter boards can only address one of the three peripheral boards on the NB2DSK01 – more precisely, the peripheral board attached to the motherboard's 'PERIPHERAL BOARD C' connector. Also, 2-connector daughter boards do not possess a 1-Wire memory device and so will not be detected when using the auto-configuration feature.

In addition, the NanoTalk communications protocol and related JTAG chain implementation and management are identical between boards, allowing you to easily link an NB1 to your NB2DSK01 as part of a daisy-chained configuration.

Figure 1. Chaining an NB2DSK01 and an NB1 together.

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