DB40 Altera Cyclone III Daughter Board

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Altium's Altera® Cyclone® III daughter board DB40 provides an EP3C40F780C8N device, as well as a range of on-board memories available for use by a design running within that device.

The DB40 has the following features:

  • Altera Cyclone III FPGA (EP3C40F780C8N)
  • On-board memories available for use by FPGA design:
    • 256K x 32-bit common-bus SRAM (1MByte)
    • 16M x 32-bit common-bus SDRAM (64MByte)
    • 16M x 16-bit common-bus Flash memory (32MByte)
    • Dual 256K x 16-bit independent SRAM (512KByte each)
  • 1-Wire® memory device used to store board ID and related information
  • Three 100-way connectors for attachment to NB2DSK01 motherboard. These connectors provide:
    • Interface to resources on the NB2DSK01 motherboard and plugged-in peripheral boards
    • SPI bus interface
    • I2C bus interface
    • 1-Wire bus interface
    • JTAG, power and additional control lines from the motherboard.

Figure 1. Altium's Altera Cyclone III daughter board DB40.

General Board Resources

Target FPGA Device (EP3C40F780C8N)

Resources Accessible from an FPGA Design

The DB40 has a variety of memory resources individually wired to target daughter board FPGA I/O pins.


Use of the Cyclone III daughter board (DB40) requires the Winter 09 release of Altium Designer (or later) to be installed on your PC.

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