Connecting the NanoBoard 3000

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Parent article: Setting up the NanoBoard 3000

Before you can communicate with (and download a design to) the NanoBoard 3000, the board needs to first be prepared. This involves connecting it to your PC and supplying power to the system.

To set up the NanoBoard 3000, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure the power switch, located below the top-right end of the board, is off (positioned downwards) before commencing installation.

    Ensure the power switch is off.
  2. Connect the supplied USB cable from a spare USB 2.0 port on your PC, to the USB port on the NanoBoard 3000.

    USB connection to the PC.
  3. Connect the plug of the power supply module to the power connector located below the top-right edge of the NanoBoard 3000. Connect the mains power cord to the power supply module and plug it in to a standard power socket.

    Insert power cable.
  4. Turn on the power to the NanoBoard 3000, by flicking the toggle switch to the upward position.

    Turn the power switch on.
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