Connecting Production PCBs to the Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01

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As well as chaining multiple Desktop NanoBoards together, you can also attach your own board to the NB2DSK01, through a JTAG connection, for inclusion into the system. Up to two user boards can be connected to each NanoBoard in the system. This enables you to extend Altium's LiveDesign methodology to the design and debugging of your production PCB!

No special control circuitry is required on a connected user board. Simply chain the JTAG ports of the compliant devices on your board – both the physical ports and the 'soft' ports established to connect with the Nexus-enabled devices inside a device (processors, virtual instruments) – and connect both chains to a 10-way header for connection to the NB2DSK01.

When a user board is present, the NanoTalk Controller routes the appropriate TDO and TDI signals to form part of the overall Hard and Soft device chains for the NB2DSK01. Icons for all devices on the user board will be presented in the Altium Designer software, allowing you to interact with these devices.

For more information on the connectors used to attach user boards to the NB2DSK01, see User Board Headers.

Figure 1. Attaching a production PCB to an NB2DSK01.

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