Chaining Multiple Desktop NanoBoards

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Each Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 contains NanoTalk Master and Slave connectors that allow multiple NanoBoards to be daisy-chained together. The Hard and Soft JTAG chains are passed between boards using a 10-way IDC cable – from the Slave connector on the first board to the Master connector on the next. Under the management of the NanoTalk Controller, these chains are kept continuous, with both chains sent out from and received back by, the Master NB2DSK01 in the configuration – the one connected to the PC and ultimately the Altium Designer software.

Altium Designer allows you to target different FPGA design projects to each Desktop NanoBoard in the chain, allowing the development of complex systems that contain multiple FPGAs, that may be implemented across several PCBs.

For more information on the NanoTalk connectors, see NanoTalk Master-Slave Headers.

Figure 1. Two NB2DSK01s chained together.

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