Attaching a Daughter Board to the Desktop NanoBoard

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A daughter board is mounted onto the NB2DSK01 motherboard by plugging its 100-way Male connectors into the motherboard's 100-way Female connectors – designated HDR_T1, HDR_L1 and HDR_B1. These are referred to as 'NANOCONNECT' interfaces.

Figure 1. Daughter board connectors on the NB2DSK01 motherboard - the
docking point for a satellite daughter board.

Daughter boards available with the Desktop NanoBoard NB2DSK01 and beyond each have three connectors (top, bottom and left). These are referred to as '3-connector' daughter boards. Those available previously for the NanoBoard-NB1 have two such connectors (top and bottom) and are referred to as '2-connector' daughter boards.

3-connector daughter boards also have three holes that align with threaded standoffs on the NB2DSK01. These can be used to affix the board securely to the motherboard.

If using a 2-connector daughter board, it will have three locator 'legs' on its underside. These legs are used to ensure correct alignment between the daughter board's connectors and those of the motherboard. The NB2DSK01 has corresponding holes to receive these 'legs'.

The NB2DSK01 daughter board connectors map I/O resources on the NB2DSK01 directly to the pins of the daughter board FPGA device, as if that device were mounted directly on the motherboard.

For more information on the NB2DSK01 motherboard resources made available to a daughter board FPGA device, see NB2DSK01 Motherboard Resources.

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