A Word about Changing Daughter Boards

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Figure 1. Switch daughter boards to change the target architecture.

When changing FPGA daughter boards, please take care not to damage the connectors that attach the daughter board to the NB2DSK01. The following procedure is recommended:

  1. Ensure that the NB2DSK01's power is switched off.
  2. If using a 3-connector daughter board, ensure that any screws affixing it to the motherboard are removed.
  3. Grip the two sides of the daughter board between your thumb and fingers and gently pull the daughter board upwards. Gently rocking the daughter board from side to side can help loosen the connectors.
  4. As the daughter board disengages, ensure that you keep the board parallel to the motherboard and pull it straight up until all connectors are fully disengaged.
  5. Install a different daughter board by gently positioning it so that its connectors are aligned with the corresponding connectors on the motherboard – the posts of which slot through the holes in the daughter board.
    If using a 2-connector daughter board, place its locator 'legs' into the corresponding holes in the motherboard.
    Once located, press the daughter board firmly onto the NanoBoard. If using a 3-connector daughter board, you can secure it to the motherboard using the available threaded standoffs.
  6. Switch the NB2DSK01's power on.

The system software interrogates the NB2DSK01 at regular intervals to determine the FPGA device installed. If you change daughter boards, the system will automatically detect the change and show the correct device in the Devices view. When the Devices view is active you can force the system to poll the NB2DSK01 by pressing the F5 key.

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