Vendor Place and Route Software

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The task of implementing the design in the actual FPGA is carried out by specialised tools, referred to as place and route tools. These software tools are provided by the FPGA vendors, who with their intimate knowledge of the features available within each FPGA, can write software that can take a low-level description of the design and work out how to arrange, or place, the required logic inside the FPGA, then create the interconnections (or route it).

It is not necessary to actually run the place and route software, this is done automatically from the Devices view. When you click the Build button in the Devices view, the place and route software is run remotely. All feedback from the place and route software is displayed in the Output panel.

The appropriate place and route tools must be installed, most FPGA vendors have freely downloadable versions available on their website. For more information, see Vendor Tool Installation.

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