Third Party Boards - Connection using Altium's USB JTAG Adapter

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Altium's USB JTAG Adapter allows you to fully experience the benefits of LiveDesign and interact live with your chosen development board via Altium Designer.

Connecting your board

  1. Connect the USB JTAG Adapter to your PC using the USB cable supplied, via the USB socket (A).
  2. Connect the flying lead cable to the 10 pin JTAG interface header socket (B).
  3. Referring to the third-party development board's silkscreen or technical documentation, locate and connect the five flying leads marked GND, HARD_TDI, HARD_TDO, HARD_TCK and HARD_TMS to the corresponding JTAG header pins on the target board.
  4. Connect the four flying leads marked SOFT_TDI, SOFT_TDO, SOFT_TCK and SOFT_TMS to any free I/O pins of the FPGA on the target board. The flying lead marked CONNECT is floating and can remain unconnected.
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