Converting Parts to Ports

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If you have used port plug-in components in your design – to represent resources on the NanoBoard, daughter board or peripheral boards – you will probably prefer to display them as ports when the design is moved to your own board. Altium Designer provides a conversion command to quickly change a port component to standard ports. From the schematic document, this command can be accessed by:

  • Choosing Tools » Convert » Convert Part To Ports from the main menus and clicking on the required port component you wish to convert.
  • Right-clicking over the required port component and choosing Part Actions » Convert Part To Ports from the menu that appears.

After launching the command (and choosing the port component if applicable), the component will be converted into electrically equivalent ports, as shown by example in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Converted port component.

Note: If you change port names as well you will need to update the Constraint file.

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