Constraint Files - Importing Vendor-generated Pin Constraints

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Any pins (ports) that were not assigned in the constraint file prior to place and route are automatically assigned a physical pin during place and route. These assignments are needed before the FPGA design can be linked to the PCB design. To import the pin assignments from the place and route tool:

  1. Open the constraint file, then select Design » Import Pin File » Select File from the menu.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate vendor-generated pin file. It will be located in a folder with a name like MyFPGAProject\ProjectOutputs\ProjectBoard.
  3. After selecting the pin file and clicking OK, the Constraint Editor Preferences dialog will appear. If you enable an option in the dialog, that constraint information will be extracted from the file (if it is available) and included in your constraint file.

    Figure 1. Determine information to be extracted from the vendor file using the
    Constraint Editor Preferences dialog.


  4. Save and close the Constraint file. The design is now ready to be linked to the target PCB.

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