Configuring the OpenBus System

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The key purpose of the OpenBus System feature is to facilitate creation of a processor-based system as quickly, as intuitively and, perhaps more importantly, as painlessly as possible. Building the actual system is a breeze, but what about configuration? What steps are required to ensure correct decoding widths, port data widths and addressing? Relax – configuring the system just got a whole lot easier.

In the schematic world, some components are configurable, for example processors, certain peripherals, memory controllers and interconnects. The corresponding representations of these components in the OpenBus world are configured in a similar fashion – simply choose the Configure command from the associated right-click menu, or double-click on the component directly.

Figure 1. Access dialogs for configurable OpenBus
components in the same way as their schematic-based

Note: Double-clicking will bring up the main configuration dialog for the component. If there are other configuration dialogs associated with the component – typically applicable to processors only – these must be accessed from the right-click menu.

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