Vault Performance Enhancements

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Altium Vault 2.1 delivers a number of performance-related enhancements, including:

  • Automatic install of a later version of the vault over a previous version. No longer do you need to manually uninstall the older vault (while keeping your valuable data!), before installing the new. The Altium Vault Installer now handles this for you. Simply run the installer for the later version. The older version will be detected, and you will be asked if you wish to upgrade to the later version - click Yes. As part of the installation process, the Installer will remove the previous version, but keep your data.
Prior to updating an Altium Vault, it is a good idea to make a backup of your data - taking a 'golden copy' off to one side as it were. This allows you to quickly restore your data should any unforseen technical difficulties arise. See Backup/Restore of Vault Data for the procedure to do this manually. For a more automated method of vault backup and restoration, use the dedicated Backup & Restore Tool. For more information, see Backing up and Restoring Your Altium Vault Installation.

Installation of the next version of the vault is now truly an automated affair!

  • Ability to connect to multiple Altium Vaults simultaneously. You can connect to any version of Altium Vault (v2.0, v2.1) and/or Altium Vault Server (v1.2) at the same time, in accordance with the following points:
    • Only the first connected vault (top of the list of vaults on the Data Management - Vaults page of the Preferences dialog) will be counted as "Managed" (will provide all Altium Vault enterprise features and services), and is the vault that you sign in to (DXP » Sign in Altium Vault).
    • Any other vault will be just a regular vault, without access to, or use of, enterprise features and services.
    • All vaults will be connected at start-up of Altium Designer, with the exception of the "Managed" vault, unless you have chosen to sign-in at start-up.
You can change the "Managed" vault simply by signing out of one vault and signing in to another.
  • Increased session length while accessing and working with the vault through Altium Designer. Session timeout has been extended to 8 hours, to cover a typical working day.
  • The vault's browser-based interface has been optimized, considerably reducing access times to the various pages.
  • Improved ability to manage a large number of users added to the vault. The following filtering controls have been added to the Users and Roles pages of the vault's browser-based interface:

Users - filter by User Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, or Domain.

Use filtering controls on the Users page to quickly find the required user.

Roles - filter by Role Name, or Members.

Use filtering controls on the Roles page to quickly find the required role.

Filtering is simple, with no wildcard support. Simply start typing the characters for the relevant entry, from the beginning, to filter based on those characters. The more characters entered, the greater the filtering effect, allowing you to quickly zero-in on the required user.

Filtering is also provided when editing a Role, allowing you to quickly search through existing members by either Name or Email.

Use filtering controls when editing a role to quickly find the required member.

In addition, a Page Size control located at the bottom-right of both the Users and Roles pages, enables you to specify how many users/roles are presented on a single page - either 10, 20, 50 (the default), or All.
  • Clearer messaging has been added to the Backup & Restore tool. Now, if you are not running a CMD prompt as a Windows Administrator, attempting to execute a command in respect of backing up, or restoring your vault data, will result in the clear message: Access Denied. Administrator permissions are needed to use the selected options. Use an administrator command prompt to complete these tasks.


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