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It is only possible to migrate up to Altium Vault 2.1. If you want to get your data into a later version of the Altium Vault, you will need to migrate to version 2.1 first, and then update to the later version afterwards.

Many users that have adopted the use of Altium Vault Technology will, on the whole, have their data stored in one of two types of vault:

  • Altium Vault Server
  • Altium Personal Vault

With the arrival of Altium Vault 2.0 (known simply as the Altium Vault), these previous vault types became legacy technology. While they can still be used, they are no longer supported in terms of further development. Therefore to take advantage of the latest vault technology on offer - both now and into the future - requires data to be migrated to a later Altium Vault.

The Altium Vault is, essentially, the successor to the Altium Vault Server. If you already have an existing installation of the Altium Vault Server, you simply need to perform an update to the new Altium Vault. For more information, see the section Updating the Vault Installation, in the document Altium Vault - Details for IT Departments.

Prior to updating an Altium Vault, it is a good idea to make a backup of your data - taking a 'golden copy' off to one side as it were. This allows you to quickly restore your data should any unforseen technical difficulties arise. See Backup/Restore of Vault Data for the procedure to do this manually.

To cater for migration of data between different vault types, Altium provides a dedicated utility - the Vault Migration Tool. This tool supports migration between the various legacy vaults:

For migratory paths supporting the Altium Vault Server as their target vault, these same options can be used to migrate to the Altium Vault (version 2.1 being the latest version supported by the migration tool). The typical migratory path with respect to this vault is for people whose data is currently stored in an Altium Personal Vault (version 1.2). For more detail, see Migrating from an Altium Personal Vault to an Altium Vault.

In addition the tool facilitates update of the supply chain, for users who have migrated between an Altium Vault Server 1.0 and Altium Vault Server 1.1. For more information, see QuickGuide - Upgrading to Version 1.1 of the Altium Vault Server.
The Vault Migration Tool also provides the ability to migrate from using a Firebird database to an Oracle database, as the back-end - for an installation of the Altium Vault (version 2.0 or 2.1).


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