Release Notes for Altium Vault Version 2.6

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Version 2.6.7

Build65033 Date: 15 July 2016 

11383 Fixed log level for the various user messages, that should not be treated as errors (invalid password, session required etc).
11500 Error messages on the LDAP Sync configuration page are more informative now.
11647 Fixed SQL error "ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: raw variable length too long" while updating Oracle version of the Vault and NTF_MESSAGE table has more than 2000 symbols.
11340 Fixed regression bug when '*' or '?' characters were not allowed as the first character in WildcardQuery.
11544 Fixed bug when backup restore failed if windows user name contained spaces.
11691 Fixed bug when the login was not possible during LDAP synchronization of more than 2000 users.
11714 Fixed bug when Status Report tools failed to collect information for the installation with Oracle version.
11914 Fixed bug in which was not possible to add Vault licenses.
10986 Fixed error "The maximum string content length quota.." while adding big DBLink file to PartCatalog via web UI.
11181 Changed status of the email field for User - is not longer required.
11464 Installer prevents installation on the system where FIPS compliance policy enabled (Vault requires MD5 hash for licensing purposes). See details in
11542 Improved validation for the required rights when installing to the Oracle (create view right).
11566 Fixed an issue in which migration tool was failed to migrate Personal Vault with Part choices acquired from Content Vault.
11599 Fixed SQL error "Unexpected end of command - line 1, column 65534" during index update process.
11677 Fixed issue with performance (last hours) of the installation on some systems, while configuring IIS features.
11904 Fixed bug when email notifications did not work if user's email contained three level domain (
11912 Fixed bug when installation failed if Windows systems folder c:\windows\logs\cbs contained more than 1GB of logs.
11952 Fixed error with backup restore on OS with non-ASCII symbols in NETWORK SERVICE user name.
11983 Fixed error "Invalid backup file extension" for the OS with Turkish locale.
11986 Fixed bug in which IDS Service became broken after more than 2000 users were synchronized.
12086 Fixed an issue where License Manager did not work if Vault was licensed during installation via old *.alf files in Program Files/Altium Vault...
12087 Fixed bug with ghost sessions in WEB UI after Vault update.
12221 Fixed bug when it was not possible to change a type of the authentication from Windows to Built In.
11542 Fixed bug with an excessive amount of rights required for installing or updating Oracle version.
11845 Fixed bug with a randomly occurring error during massive acquisitions of the extensions via NIS.
11991 Fixed unexpected behavior with duplicated System session right after the update.
12055 Fixed error with LDAP synchronization on Oracle version when a user had empty User Name attribute.
12176 Fixed bug with a continuous duplication of the Suppliers.
12241 Fixed an issue with excessive memory usage in AppRegistry when acquiring extensions in NIS.


Version 2.6.5

Build: 59741 Date: 04 March 2016

6308 Support of HTTPS Protocol was added to Altium Vault and corresponding parts of Altium Designer.
7398 Revisions can now be compared in VaultExplorer.
5862 Synchronized distributed master/slave configuration in Altium Vault.
5903 Provided ability to use parametric, range and unit-aware searches in Altium Vault.
6058 Moved Altium Vault Settings page to WEB.
6229 Altium Vault now supports the ability to define explicit component types.
6419 Developed Part Requests feature in Altium Vault that allows users to request one or more parts and receive notification when that request has been rejected or processed, and also that the component(s) is available.
6684 Provided ability to define rights during creation of managed projects.
8555 Placement of footprints from Vault Explorer to PCB is available now.
8120 Resolved an issue in Vault Explorer that caused empty list of columns after the initial installation.
9541 Fixed There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:9791/LdapSyncStatus error in LDAP Syncronization
6170 Resolved permission sharing issue of moved subfolders.
6764 Project Release engine no longer treats ActiveBOM as changed or outdated during release process.
7649 BOM report generation no longer causes error messages.
8739 Resolved an issue with search index rebuilding after Vault update.
8792 SQL error "Too many values (more than 1500) in member list to match against" no longer happens, when working with big folders.
9399 Revision Naming Schemes and Lifecycle Definitions can now be successfully modified for an Altium Vault based on the Oracle database.
9610 The Vault Network Installation Service no longer fails with timeout errors during package uploading.
9795 From now installer grant proper rights to the log folder
10371 NIS now supports system extensions, such as Embedded, Mixed Simulations, Signal Integrity, SIMetrix
10452 Users synchronized via LDAP do not loose ability to login into Vault after certain period of time
4668 Communication with Vault has been optimized for Item Manager and ECO execution.
5807 It was impossible to create deployment package with 'Use latest version' option enabled
6171 Components are now reindexed and visible on the Libraries panel after folder has been relocated.
6215 Resolved an issue with ECO footprint synchronization.
6218 Resolved an issue that caused outputs to appear as Out of Date as soon as they were produced.
6221 Resolved issue that caused "Duplicate revision ID for item revision of PCLdss" error when part choice list was edited.
6230 The Component Templates Editor has been improved to include support for specific component types, unit-aware parameter data types and models definition.
6479 Provided the ability to stop the release process without exiting Altium Designer (BC:5344).
6634 Component Template in Vault Explorer folder properties is now applied to all children's, is they do not have own template defined
6760 Removing newly added stage no longer causes an error.
6763 Dashes (-) are now allowed in a username.
6765 Resolved an issue when prices in the BOM list were not changed after currency changing.
6767 Mouser supplier currency information can now be saved to Supplier information through DXP > Preferences.
6779 Altium Vault includes License Manager - new service, that replaces PLS (BC:669)
6788 Introduced item-less component creation of the components, when item was not being created, but cmplib editor was launched instantly (BC:5634).
6955 Uploading 3D models to Altium Vault was improved by adding support of 3D models in Release manager, extraction of 3D models from footprints, drag and drop of 3D model file.
7111 Renaming feature in CMPLIB editor can now work without index iterator macros {}.
7139 Resolved issue that caused unallowed symbols in project name to be removed when an SVN path was created.
7191 Lifecycle attribute for Vault component is now available in BOMReport
7309 "Supplier Order Qty" field in the BOM is now correct when BomDoc is selected as the source (BC:4648).
7374 Backup tool doesn't fail to restore user's data if there were items with Unicode symbols
7442 Vault doesn't produce large amount of folders in PreUploads folder after products and extensions acquired by NIS
7450 Allow to sync users via LDAP, even if initially they were created manually (override user info).
7626 Fixed issue with big offline packages upload to the NIS
7644 It is possible to define all port number used by Altium Vault during installation
7752 Import component template from cmpt/cmplib file, export component template to cmpt file
8340 Symbols with more than 15 parts could be released to Vault.
8379 Allow to disable user syncronization with SVN.
8415 TC2 configuration supports more than 15 roles now.
8823 The release of a big quantity of components no longer causes 100% loads of database server.
9335 The Altium Vault Migration tool now correctly supports migration from the Firebird to Oracle database formats.
9659 Support non-ascii item names during file-less editing
9673 Select aspect in Vault Explorer is now preserved between sessions
9702 Support release of components that use templates with non-ascii names
10120 Massive network operations does not lead to random error in NIS tasks anymore
10182 Fixed supply chain transfer from PVS to AVS 2.5 in VaultMigrationTool
10386 License Manager supports customization of user error messages
10450 Altium Vault installer now supports /LogLevel parameter
10457 Property changes for the folders with huge amount of components does not lead to errors anymore
10523 "Windows Package manager is deprecated" warning no longer happens during installation
10593 Secured LDAP (LDAPS) protocol is now supported for Windows based domains
10604 Automatic license lease is now supported for the assignments in License Manager
10605 Automatic user creation in PLS emulation mode of License Manager could be disabled
10665 Command line tools for user and role management included into the installation
6437 Mouser supplier currency mow changes correctly for all supplier parts in Supplier chain aspect (BC:5471).
7452 Offline generation via NIS now functions correctly.
7459 Manufacturer Part Number is added to the component while using the Supplier Search function in cmplib (BC:5778).
9065 Prevent last user to be removed from Administrator role
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