Parameter-based Name Templates

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Altium Designer 15.0 brings with it another stand-out enhancement to the Component Library Editor, by way of parameter-based name templates.

Parameter-based name templates allow you to precisely name, or rather rename your components, based on the currently defined values of parameters available to those components in the CmpLib file. Include a parameter into the naming template using the format [<ParameterName>]. Examples might be:

  • CMP-[Value]-{0001}
  • CMP-[Part Number]-{0001}

You can also use multiple parametric declarations in your templates, for example:

  • CMP-[Part Number]-[Value]-{0001}
  • CMP-[Manufacturer Part Number]-[Value]-[Tolerance]-{0001}

At the highest level, the required naming template can simply be entered as the default naming scheme into the Component Naming field of the Document Options dialog. The initial index will always be zero in this case. For greater control, select the component(s) to be renamed, right-click, and choose the Operations » Rename Component (Operations » Rename n Components) command from the context menu. You will be presented with the Component Name Template dialog. Use this dialog to specify the required Naming Scheme, and control the Initial Index.

Note that the dialog will initially show the default naming scheme entered in the Document Options dialog. If you leave this scheme, you will not be able to change the Initial Index. The latter can only be changed if a different naming scheme is used.

An example of the use of the Value parameter in a naming template, to quickly rename components defined in a CmpLib.


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