Live Supply Chain Data from Suppliers

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The Altium Vault 2.5 release sees the ability to connect directly to a Supplier's database, getting its supply chain data in 'live' fashion. This means reading directly from the source supplier database, rather than from an intermediate cached copy taken into the vault's local Part Catalog. The result is a marked improvement in both accuracy of the data, and performance.

To retrieve supply chain data in real-time, when configuring the connection for a Supplier (on the Suppliers page of the vault's browser-based interface), ensure that the Update acquired supply chain information every option is set to Live.

Choose to aquire supply chain data from a Supplier in real-time, by setting the update frequency to be Live.

The update interval for each supplier can be quickly assessed from the main Suppliers page of the interface - enabling you to verify those Suppliers whose data is (or is not) being obtained in real-time, directly from the source database.

Check the Interval state back on the main Suppliers page, to verify that the data from your enabled Suppliers is indeed being accessed live.


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