Lifecycle State Attribute in BOM

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With Altium Vault 2.6 and Altium Designer 16.0, the LifeCycle State attribute is now available in a BOM report. This enables you to see, at-a-glance, where each of the vault-based components used in a design have reached in their life cycles, and visually verify their legitimacy - enabling you to catch, for example, components that are not for production, or have become obsolete, and make the required changes to the design, prior to embarking on what could prove a costly manufacturing spin.

The LifeCycle State attribute is available when using the ActiveBOM feature (through use of a BOM document; *.BomDoc), or through a standard BOM report (generated directly from the Schematic Reports menu, or through a suitably-configured output generator in an Output Job file; *.OutJob).

When configuring a Static BOM (from the Reports menu or an OutJob), the LifeCycle State attribute will only become available provided the Include Parameters From Vault option is enabled, in the Source Options region of the Bill of Materials dialog.

Use the LifeCycle State attribute in your Active or Static BOMs.


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