Automatic File-less Editing after Item Creation

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Altium Vault 2.0 saw the introduction of file-less editing. This feature made it possible to edit a supported Item type using a temporary editor loaded with the latest source direct from the vault itself. Extending this feature, Altium Vault 2.5, in conjunction with Altium Designer 15.1, provides the ability to start editing an Item type - supported for file-less editing - immediately after it is created. No longer do you have to create the source data outside and release it first, now you can start working on the source directly from the moment the empty Item is created. And when editing is complete, the entity is released into the initial planned revision of its parent Item, and the temporary editor closed.

To take advantage of this feature, simply enable the Open for editing after creation option, found at the bottom of the Create Item dialog. Pre-empting the usefulness of this functionality, the option is enabled by default.

Enabling the option to automatically launch into file-less editing of a schematic symbol (in a source
SchLib file) after the parent Schematic Symbol Item is created.

The following Item types are supported with respect to file-less editing:
  • altium-component
  • altium-pcb-component
  • altium-symbol
  • altium-schematic-template
  • altium-schematic-sheet
  • altium-outputjob
  • altium-simulation-model
  • altium-component-template


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