Altium Vault Status Report Tool

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The Altium Vault 2.5 release comes with a neat little tool for generating a status report for your Altium Vault - the Altium Vault Status Report tool. The generated report includes all necessary debug information in one tidy Zip archive (*.zip). This is all that's needed to send to Altium Developers, should you have any unexpected technical difficulties with your Altium Vault.

Information Collected

The following debug information is collected by the tool for inclusion in the report:

  • Altium Vault logs
  • IIS logs
  • Windows events related to IIS
  • .NET Framework configuration
  • Basic Windows configuration
  • Installed software list

Running the Tool

The tool is accessed by running the executable AltiumVaultStatusReport.exe. This executable can be found in the \Program Files (x86)\Altium\Altium Vault\StatusReportTool folder, for a default installation of the Altium Vault.

Double-click the AltiumVaultStatusReport.exe file - the Altium Vault Status Report window will appear. Simply enable the option I agree to share this data with Altium, then click the Collect the information button.

The Altium Vault Status Report tool.

The tool will proceed to collect and collate the required information, with progress displayed in the Operation log window. Once finished collecting the data, the Save As dialog will appear. Use this to specify where, and with what name, the report file is to be saved. The saving operation is also reflected, back in the tool's main window.

Nominate where, and with what name, the status report is to be saved.

That's it. All you then need to do is send the report file (e.g. to the Altium Developers when requested.


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